Holy Family Cathedral School Athletic Program accepts the basic principle that extracurricular activities are to have a blend of academic excellence, character building experiences, and spiritual development. The purpose of these activities is to further the school curriculum in a variety of ways. These programs are to actively involve the individual child in training and education whereas, “winning” is secondary. A primary goal of the Athletic Program shall be to teach sportsmanship and teamwork among players.

Participation in the HFCS Athletic Program by students or volunteer coaches will be determined by the policies and conditions as expressed by the Holy Family Cathedral School Handbook and as judged appropriate by the school administration. If situations arise where there is conflict in policies or procedures between leagues including but not limited to Diocese Middle School Athletic Association, Junior Comet League, and other Christian leagues, and Holy Family Cathedral School, the policies of the school shall take precedence over athletics.

A variety of sports options exist and may include cross country, basketball, track and field, football, and volleyball, for students in grades 3 – 8. Although different sports are open to different age groups, this can vary depending on participants and sponsorship. All school-sponsored sports are coordinated through the Athletic Directors, Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Bishop.

Yearly physicals are required of any middle school student wishing to participate in sports. The physical must be dated after May 1st of the previous school year and must be in the office by the first day of school. Parents may be required to attend a pre-participation meeting during the year held by the Athletic Director to inform parents of expectations and other regulations

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