Dress Code

The purpose of a required dress code is to define and unite our community and to promote the virtues of modesty, simplicity, and solidarity. Care has been taken to ensure that the cost of uniforms is not unduly burdensome. All matters pertaining to dress guidelines and dress code are at the discretion of the faculty and administration.

General Dress Guidelines

Clothing should be appropriately fitted, clean and in good repair.

Shoes must be worn at all times.

Belts that are dark brown or black must be worn with pants or shorts that have belt loops.

All undershirts or turtlenecks worn under uniform shirts must be white.

Pajama pants are not permitted.

Socks may be white, blue, or tan and must be of crew or knee length.

Rubber soled shoes are recommended for safety on the asphalt and playground.

Athletic shoes are required for P.E.

Boots, sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes, hats, and sunglasses are not permitted.

No lighted shoes, shoes that blink or have accessories.

Clothing promoting bands, drugs, alcohol, offensive language, or containing symbols, images, or pictures which depict or promote violence or values contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church is not permitted.

No writing on arms, legs, or other body parts.

No tattoos of any kind.

No facial or body piercing.

Cargo style pants and shorts are only allowed on Free Dress Days.

Middle school students may wear navy blue blazers with or without the school logo patch or embroidered on upper left chest (this is an option).

Hair should be clean, combed, and student’s natural color.

No hair dye, streaking or bleaching.

No hairdo or haircut that is a classroom distraction or that causes a child to appear unkempt or unclean.

Jewelry is discouraged as it may become a distraction in the classroom, or be lost or damaged at school.

Students are permitted to wear small chain necklaces or bracelets with a religious theme, pendant or sacramental, plain watches without alarms, tones or cellular capabilities.

Apple watches are not allowed at school. A single sacramental ring is acceptable.


Dress Guidelines for Girls

Skirts, jumpers, and shorts are to be touching the top of the knees or lower.

No pants other than trousers are considered part of the school uniform.

Jeans, capris and ankle pants that are properly fitting and in good repair may be worn on Free Dress Days.

Leggings and jeggings are never appropriate unless worn under a mid-thigh length tunic or dress.

Undergarments should not be visible through clothing.

Tights or leggings worn under uniforms should be solid white or navy blue.

Leggings must be worn with matching socks.

No open toe or open heel shoes.

No soles/heels over 1 inch.

Makeup is not allowed.

No artificial nails or colored nail polish is permitted.

Only clear polish is allowable.

Eyes are to be visible and not hidden by hair or accessories.

Girls may wear stud earrings (½ inch or smaller).



Dress Guidelines for Boys

Hair should be styled in traditional, symmetrical, conservative cuts with no etching, zigzags or stripes.

No mohawks or faux hawks.

Gradual “fade haircuts” MUST have a definitive three-layer gradual length.

Spiking up of hair is not allowed.

Hair for boys should not touch their shirt collar or cover their ears.

No braids below the collar for boys.

No ponytails are allowed for boys and no side-burns or facial hair.

No earrings for boys.



Land’s End is the preferred supplier of school uniforms.  Preferred School Number: 900128273

When purchasing from other vendors, please make sure that colors and styles match the uniforms found on Land’s End or match the style of the Regulation Plaid Jumper.

Please note that the Regulation plaid jumpers and skirts can only be purchased through C & J Uniforms.


Shirts – All Grades (Girls & Boys)

White or pastel blue polo or oxford shirts


Sweaters & Sweatshirts – All Grades (Girls & Boys)

Solid Navy cardigan or pullover sweater or crewneck sweatshirt. Girls only may wear white cardigan sweaters.


Bottoms – PK-4th Grades (Boys & Girls)

Navy Blue walking shorts or pants


Bottoms – 5th-8th Grades (Boys & Girls)

Khaki walking shorts or pants


Jumpers/Skirts – Preschool & Kindergarten

Navy Blue Jumper

Regulation Plaid Jumper

Navy Blue Skort


Jumpers – 1st through 4th

Navy Blue Jumper

Regulation Plaid Jumper


Skirts – 5th through 8th

Khaki Skirt

Regulation Plaid Skirt


Shorts are required under all skirts and jumpers.


Mass Days

Girls are required to wear jumpers or skirts and boys are required to wear long pants. Blazers for girls and boys are encouraged, but not mandatory. Ties for boys are also encouraged, but not mandatory.


Spirit Dress (Fridays)

Every Friday unless otherwise specified is Spirit Dress. Students may wear a shirt, sweatshirt or sweater that has a Holy Family Cathedral School logo of any type. Uniform bottoms or nice jeans may be worn. No jeggings, no leggings or pajama pants are allowed. **If a student is not in Spirit Dress for this day, they must be in regular school uniform.


House Shirt Days (Wednesdays)

Every Wednesday, unless otherwise specified, is House Shirt Day for Grades 3rd-8th. Students must wear their house shirts along with their uniform shorts, skirts, jumpers or slacks. If they are not wearing their house shirt, they will be counted as “out of uniform” and points will be deducted from their house total for that week.


Free Dress

Periodically, the administration will award a non-uniform, “Free Dress Day”. The students may wear modest apparel that adheres to the philosophy of the Dress Code. Pajama pants, tank tops, crop tops, strapless tops or dresses or spaghetti tops and dresses are not allowed. Skirts and dresses should adhere to dress code of touching the top of the kneecap and shorts should be no more than 2” (A dollar bills’ width) above the kneecap. Leggings and jeggings may be worn under a mid-thigh length tunic or dress.