Early Childhood

Curious, full of wonder, and active learners- this is the nature of a young child.

At Holy Family Cathedral School, we encourage our youngest students’ imaginative and inquisitive nature through active learning. We invite students to be active participants in their learning and introduce students to the joy of gaining knowledge by learning through play, utilizing manipulative materials, encouraging independence and problem-solving, and the arts. Aware of the fact that loved and valued individuals experience greater success, teachers create a learning environment where all students are respected and where the development of respect, courtesy, and empathy towards others is encouraged and demonstrated by teachers. The active and joyful introduction to school in conjunction with the arts supports our young learners’ exploration of their wonder-filled world.


Our Early Childhood program is a full day from 7:30am-5: 30 pm, in combination with before and aftercare.


We invite you to come see all that Holy Family Cathedral School has to offer for your family. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact the office at 918-582-0422 or click here.