Laura Hermann

English, Reading, and Drama Teacher

This is my first year at Holy Family Cathedral School, and I am thrilled to be a member of this faculty! I received my bachelor’s degree at the University of Tulsa and my master’s degree from Vanderbilt University, and I have five years of experience teaching at the middle and high school level - four in Tennessee, and one previous year in Oklahoma. My favorite part of my job is getting to see the world anew through the eyes of my students each year, and getting to learn from my students even when it’s not the lesson I may have expected.

I believe that reading and writing are becoming more important, not less, as our world becomes increasingly digitized. More importantly, I believe that all students are deserving of an engaging, challenging, high-quality education and are capable of fulfilling the promise inherent in that education. To that end, I strive to create a classroom that is welcoming, open, and curious. I hope all students feel comfortable taking intellectual risks and asking questions in my classroom. My highest hope for my students is that they grow into adults who can shepherd the world toward kindness and empathy.