Meaghan Wilson

Social Studies Teacher

Hello! I'm Meaghan Wilson (Heatherman). I received a Bachelor's degree from Saint Mary's College in History with a minor in Religious Studies and Social Work. I earned a Masters degree in Education from Seton Hall University. I taught high school in New York and New Jersey for my first few years of teaching and found my heart at Holy Family Cathedral School when I moved back to Tulsa. I just married my husband, David Wilson, in May of 2017.

I truly feel a vocation to teaching because of my passion for service and social justice. Driven by these passions, I have had many experiences inside and outside the classroom that have enabled me to work with under-resourced schools. I believe that we all have an individual, as well as communal, responsibility to do good for others in need. Children deserve more than a minimal education. It starts with high standards set by ambitious teachers who are driven to make it happen. I believe that every child has the ability to learn and acquire new knowledge. I want to be a teacher because as a Catholic, I value every human life and believe that every person can bring their own unique contribution to this world. In order for people to build on these contributions, a quality education is essential. As a recipient of a very solid and meaningful Catholic education, I want to share the knowledge that I’ve absorbed throughout my career, both inside and outside the classroom, to my students.

By building off my past experiences, I strive to become the best version of myself so that I am better equipped to help my students. I want to plan, implement, and evaluate a thought-provoking curriculum that energizes my students and catalyzes their reading, writing, critical thinking and analytical skills. I also want to help my students establish a solid work ethic that will keep them organized and determined in all areas of their life. I am very committed to Catholic education and I want to build my students’ characters by grounding them with solid morals and values.

When it comes down to it, I have very large ambitions, but I want to focus small. Every day, I will give each and every one of my students my whole heart and mind. I want to foster a welcoming and respectful environment in which the students feel safe to express their thoughts. In the end, I hope my students develop new practices, new habits, new ways of thinking, and ways of looking at the world. My goal at the end of the year is to hopefully capitalize on each of the students’ strengths and improve the areas in which they struggle. I believe that if a student struggles in school, it’s not that they are unable to succeed in their academics, it’s because they haven’t found their right strategy. Furthermore, I will elicit student success by differentiating instruction so as to operate within their strengths. In doing this, I will not only motivate my students to operate at their very best, but he or she will be able to fully account for each student’s individual educational needs as well! I hope they learn to love to read, strategize, problem solve, and that they think more carefully and gain some awareness of their place in history, and in society. I want to continue to educate myself, create a vision, and guide my students into the persons they want to be!