Monica Hansen

Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Monica Hansen has been teaching at Holy Family Cathedral School for over 17 years and is a cornerstone of this community. Monica has taught art, middle school social studies, language arts, reading, and, most recently, she has been the anchor for our elementary reading program, instructing our emergent readers, as well as leading our third-grade class. Monica's commitment to Holy Family Cathedral School is unparalleled. Monica kindles curiosity in her students by her own passion for learning and provides them with meaningful, real-world learning in the classroom, and beyond. As the sponsor for robotics, and previously chess club and academic bowl, she provides the support students need to succeed. As a veteran teacher, Ms. Hansen is constantly seeking to provide her students with innovative and current instruction, through the employment of alternative choices, arts integration, STEAM-inspired lessons, student collaboration, and abundant opportunities to apply critical thinking.

To further achieve this goal, Ms. Hansen is on a mission to acquire a classroom set of Chromebooks: