Time & Talent

It is critical to the strength and success of our school program and finances that our families are invested and engaged in our community. In addition to tuition, every family is required to commit five volunteer hours per quarter to the school for a total of twenty service hours per year. Three hours of family Time & Talent must be for participation in a Parent Engagement event or activity.

All Families must complete 5 hours per quarter or pay $10.oo per hour for hours not completed.

1. Work must be completed as follows:

1st Quarter – October 19 (billed Oct. 29)
2nd Quarter – December 28 (billed Jan. 7)
3rd Quarter – March 15th (billed March 25)
4th Quarter – May 23rd (billed June 2)

Hours worked during the summer will be applied to the next school year.

The following are some items that count toward time & talent hours:

• serving on the Home & School Board or as a Committee Chair
• volunteering in the lunchroom
• serving as a homeroom angels
• organizing the uniform exchange
• driving on field trips
• food/material/time contributions to school fundraisers/events (auction, Chili Bingo, Walk-A-Thon, Lenten dinner, Petzet dinner)
• contributions of school supplies (tissues, paper towels) above and beyond the minimum requirements
• monetary donation in lieu of time

NOTE: this list is not all-inclusive, just a few ideas of what counts.

The following are some items that count toward parent engagement hours:

• attending Home & School meetings
• attending Literacy Night
• attending Conferences

Items marked with an asterisk on the school master calendar count toward Parent Engagement hours.

The following do not count toward time & talent hours:

• contributions to Youth Sunday evening potluck dinner
• contributions to a canned food drive, freedom boxes, Christmas boxes, etc…

Although we encourage help with the various service projects throughout the year, contributions do not count toward the time & talent program.

2. All hours are to be recorded in the Service Section of your RenWeb ParentsWeb account.

3. Hours must be recorded within a month after service is performed so that hours can be
verified. Hours that are not recorded within that month may not be verifiable and therefore not counted.

4. All school volunteers, including field trips drivers, must have a completed volunteer packet on file in the school office. This can be completed by going to VIRTUS Online. A complete packet includes: a TRAK1 background check, a VIRTUS training certificate, a signed acknowledgment form pertaining to the Diocesan policy on sexual abuse, a completed Volunteer Registration form, two references, and a signed copy of the Diocesan Code of Conduct. Field Trip Drivers also need to complete a driver form with proof of insurance.

5. Quarterly summary statements will be sent home to let you know where you stand on your hours prior to the listed billing dates. Time and Talent opportunities can be found through H.S.A. and school publications.