May 21, 2018
This Week at Holy Family Cathedral School

What a week we’ve had!

This week has left us so full and proud of our students, teachers, and parents, and it would be so remiss of us to not share the events that made us so proud of this school family.

We started off our week with the 2nd and 3rd grade musicals on Monday, Insects on Parade and Music is Amazing, respectively. These students bravely presented on subjects that they had been studying for an extended time this year through the arts of performance and music. View more pictures here.

On Tuesday, Ms. Jones brought us together as a school to say a living Rosary over our school and downtown Tulsa. Ms. Jones incorporated six students from every grade to lead a prayer in the Rosary. What a wonderful way to end our school day- joining together in prayer as a family.

Wednesday brought the beginning of this year’s Spring Arts Festival! We enjoyed the sweet and uplifting sounds of Holy Family Cathedral School Choir concert and the thrilling Middle School Musical: At the Bandstand. After the performances, we poured over to the school for the art showcase, art vendors, and refreshments, with cookies from Peace, Love, and CookiesView more pictures here.

On Thursday, Mrs. Spoerl, Ms. Hansen, and Mrs. Wellsreated Bosco House, Clare House, and the overall house winners to a picnic lunch and valuable time in the fresh air at Guthrie Green. It was such a joy to see our school community— our family— in action as this group of 3rd through 8th graders shared a meal, played, and enjoyed time together. Thank you, Mrs. Spoerl, for organizing this outing that allowed us to show love and strengthen our community through the simple acts of sharing a meal and playing.

Thursday was also the second, and final, day of the Spring Arts Festival where our band, which is the only fully incorporated band in a Catholic school in Oklahoma, stunned and delighted us with performances by the Advanced Band, Beginning Band, and a surprise performance by the percussion section! Then, selected second through fifth grade students presented their wonderful rendition of Charlotte’s Web. View more pictures here.

Yet again, we left this year’s Spring Arts Festival in awe of our students’ God-given talents and in awe of the teachers that have encouraged the growth and development of those talents.

Finally, Friday! We started off our morning celebrating the eighth grade sharing their light and the responsibility of leadership with the seventh graders at the Light of Leadership Mass. Father Jovita encouraged our graduating eighth graders to not see this ceremony as giving away their light, but rather as an opportunity to spread the light that is within them. What a wonderful reminder for all of us- to recognize that our light can, and should, be spread and multiplied. Immediately following, Mass, we honored the achievements of the entire school, especially Dhinal DeSilva, who was honored by Deacon Tidmore as an outstanding alter server, and Kaydee Bolton, Chloe and Caitlyn Forbes for their perfect attendence. View more pictures here.

Following Mass, Mrs. Southerland and Ms. Browne honored the Class of 2018 at the Eighth Grade Luncheon at the Chalkboard, located just around the corner on Main Street in the Ambassador Hotel. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and a weekend brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-2: 30 pm, perfect for after Mass!

Yesterday, the school and parish joined together at noon Mass to celebrate the graduation of our eighth graders. Father Jovita noted that yesterday, which was Pentecost Sunday, was a perfect day to celebrate graduation, as Pentecost marked the day that the Catholic Church was born and the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples. Father Jovita connected graduation to Pentecost in the fact that our eighth graders are leaving our school to go forth and spread their light, which is the Holy Spirit within them. What a joyful day, indeed! View more pictures here.

At graduation, we also recognized the recipients of multiple awards: The Robinson Brothers Scholarship, The Shining Knight Award, and The Academic Excellence Award. This year Mrs. Southerland was overjoyed to award The Robinson Brothers Scholarship to four of our students: Isabella Melton, Mia Shank, Trenton Tabler, and Brady Videll; The Shining Knight Award to Canyon Garner; and The Academic Excellence Award to Isabella Melton. The Class of 2018 also received a total of 53 Achievement Awards in Art, English, Religion, Social Studies, Math, Athletics, Music, Spanish, and Drama, and a total of 40 Virtue Awards in Effort, Leadership, Scholastics, Honor, and Service.

Congratulations Class of 2018! We are so proud of you!

Now, what’s happening this week?

Today, our 7th and 8th grade are at a Driller’s game with Ms. Bishop.

Tomorrow is our Fun Day and the fire truck will be coming to spray the kids! Additionally, there will be water play. Students are permitted to wear their bathing suits under their fun day clothes. Fun day shirts will be passed out the morning of Fun Day by classroom teachers. If you ordered additional shirts they will be sent home at the end of the day. Remember:

  • Swimsuits must be modest
  • No Bikinis
  • Please remember sunscreen, a change of clothes and, a towel
  • Please send students in shoes that can get wet
  • Boys need to wear a t-shirt
  • Clothing should follow the dress code.

There will be no Mass tomorrow.  If you would like to volunteer to help with the festivities tomorrow, sign up by following this link

Wednesday is our last day of school and we will be dismissing students at 1:00 pm. There will also be NO AFTERCARE. In the morning, the whole school will participate in a Reconciliation service and 2nd through 8th grade students will have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Due to some technical issues, the deadline for yearbook orders and custom pages will be this Friday, May 25th.

Again- what a week and what a way to end the school year! Thank you for showing up for all of these events, supporting and showing great love to our students and school family.