Very recently the entire world population witnessed COVID-19 pandemic that has caught the everyone on the wrong foot. This is the first occasion after the second world war that people are so much unsettled. Though it took some time for the world to come back from the initial shock, but, now the business is slowly resuming back.

However, science could not establish whether CBD can prove to be useful for treating this virus. The world has been helplessly watching the death of so many people.

You can however now buy CBD gummies from Just CBD Stor. The are the bets producers and distributors of CBD Colombia. The CBD business is again coming back to pre-COVID days and people are buying their required CBD products from their trustworthy sources of CBD products.

The business of CBD, however, because of COVID, had gone down for a few months, which is now slowly returning back to normal like before.

Although the market of CBD was a little shadowed by COVID. However, research is still going on and hence now many new cannabinoids are introduced in the market.

Cannabigerol (CBG)

  • These can offer benefits for digestive, neurological, and antimicrobial issues
  • Also, like CBD these are also non-intoxicating
  • These are involved in the development of a few other cannabinoids
  • They have different effects
  • Few best CBG products are the Secret Nature Super Spectrum

Cannabinol (CBN)

  • These were researched for neuroprotective, sedative, and antimicrobial issues
  • Also, non-intoxicating
  • Obtained by oxidizing CBD or THC
  • Mild psychoactive effects
  • Some of the best CBN products are REM CBN Dream Capsules

Cannabichromene (CBC)

  • They were researched for mood and pain issues
  • Not intoxicating
  • Converted from CBG
  • Mainly used for focus
  • Some of the best CBC products are Secret Nature Delta 8


  • They are chemically distinct from all regulatory perspectives
  • Cousin of delta-9 THC
  • Not fully non-intoxicating
  • A little different effects than any normal THC
  • Some of the best delta-8 products are Secret Nature Super 8 Vape

Lots of research were conducted to speed up further into cannabinoids and also about the immunity of the compound. You may be surprised to learn that during this pandemic period too, more than dozen papers were already published, regarding hemp compounds and also related to human immunity.  A few highlights about them are as follows:

  1. Cannabinoid signaling a certain immunity during human pregnancy

This study was conducted by researchers to find the immune balancing act, which will be necessary when women are pregnant so that it can prevent their body to recognize the presence of a baby as certain foreign tissue.

2. The hippocampal immune response observed on CBD

Another research was conducted to determine how CBD may impact the unnatural and uncontrolled autophagy occurrences because of Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Immunomodulatory potential of cannabidiol in multiple sclerosis

Another review was done about all available evidence to find out regarding the CBD benefits for MS on an immunity level. No firm conclusion could be made by researchers so far but they called for a little higher-dose study.




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