ISO 9001 defines the international standard for a Quality Management System (“QMS”) To be certified to ISO 9001, a company must adhere to the ISO 9001 Standard. This standard is used to show organizations that they can consistently deliver products and services that comply with regulatory and customer needs and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) is internationally recognized.

ISO 9001 provides a framework with set principles that help you manage your business to meet customers and other stakeholders. The ISO 9001 certification gives you the ability to create and deliver a high-quality product or service, time after time.

Strong quality control is key to any business being successful. Quality control is essential if your business will succeed. Your customers need to be sure that the products or services you provide meet or exceed expectations.

ISO 9001, the internationally recognized Quality Management System standard (QMS), can be of benefit to any size organization. ISO 9001 Quality Management certification is a powerful business tool.

  • Continually improve, streamline and reduce costs
  • Get more business and participate in tenders
  • Satisfy More Customers
  • Building a sustainable business requires you to be more resilient
  • Show that you have strong corporate governance
  • Your supply chain and stakeholders should be worked together effectively

Here are some details about ISO 9001

While there are many documents in the ISO 9000 standard family, ISO 9001 is the only requirement for certification in the 9000 series. Although certification can be sought for an entire organization, the scope of the QMS may be modified to improve performance at particular facilities or departments. ISO 9001, 2015 was published in September 2015.

No matter the size of your organization, whether it is 1 person or 1,000,000 people, it does not matter. See ISO 9001 Small Business Implementation

It doesn’t matter if you are in service or manufacturing – it could be a restaurant company, consulting firm, manufacturing company, or government entity.

It is not a quality standard for products. It does not define product quality. This is a method-based standard. If you use it to manage your processes, your end product should be able to meet your expectations.

It is not a personal Standard. An organization or company cannot become ISO 9001 certified. However, individuals can become ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditors after completing a 5 Day Training Course. This allows them to audit other businesses.

There is no ISO 9000 Certification, nor ISO ISO 9000 Certification. The only thing that matters is ISO 9001.

It is not a member group – An organization cannot “join ISO 9001.” Your organization must meet the requirements to become ISO 9001 certified.

Follow these steps for implementing an ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

Next, a Certificate Body (CB) reviews the performance of your company against the ISO 9001 requirements. After passing the audit, the Registrar issues an ISO 9001 Certificate proving that your organization has been registered to ISO 9001 for a minimum of three years. (See Who has the right to issue certification).

To keep their ISO 9001 certification status, the organization needs to be recertified every three years.


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