The faculty and staff of Holy Family Cathedral School believe that every student can achieve academic excellence through the application of innovative teaching methods and exposure to a curriculum with a strong focus on core subject mastery. Working collaboratively with parents, the school instills skills and principles for living the Gospel and prepares students to be lifelong learners and achievers. Holy Family Cathedral School is a holy place of common ground where Christian Character and Quality Catholic Education meet.

“What makes a Catholic school distinctive is its attempt to generate a community climate in the school that is permeated by the Gospel Spirit of freedom and love … Where academic and personality development go hand in hand with the development of the new person that each has become through baptism…” (Declaration on Christian Education)

The school, recognizing that the parents are the primary educators of their children, is wholeheartedly committed to the task of aiding the parent to develop the total child. Therefore, its program is directed toward the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of each student.

Our early childhood, lower school, and upper school are full day programs from 7:30 am-5:30 pm, in combination with before and after school care.

We invite you to come see all that Holy Family Cathedral School has to offer for your family. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact the office at 918-582-0422 or click here.


Early Childhood Education

Curious, full of wonder, and active learners- this is the nature of a young child.

At Holy Family Cathedral School, we encourage our youngest students’ imaginative and inquisitive nature through active learning. We invite students to be active participants in their learning and introduce students to the joy of gaining knowledge by learning through play, utilizing manipulative materials, encouraging independence and problem-solving, and the arts. Aware of the fact that loved and valued individuals experience greater success, teachers create a learning environment where all students are respected and where the development of respect, courtesy, and empathy towards others is encouraged and demonstrated by teachers. The active and joyful introduction to school in conjunction with the arts supports our young learners’ exploration of their wonder-filled world.

Lower School

As students transition from our early childhood program to the lower school, we provide a solid academic foundation, while still catering to our students’ imaginative and active nature. We do this by employing experience-based learning in addition to the classical classroom setting through the integration of the arts, enrichment units, and religious studies. This integration assists our students to develop a better understanding of abstract concepts, to make connections between subjects, and to connect their education to their daily lives. Our lower school teachers combine the curiosity of childhood, a rich classical instruction, discipline and responsibility, and the arts to create lifelong learners that are prepared for middle school.



Upper School

At Holy Family Cathedral School, the upper school is the culmination of our students’ eleven-year academic journey. We support our students’ imaginative thinking and active participation in their learning while encouraging academic excellence and providing the structure and security needed for the development of the early teenager. Upper school teachers assist students in developing organizational, time management, study, and social skills that prepare our students for high school, college, and life. Upper school students participate in a house system that supports the creation of community across grade levels, allows students to practice leadership skills, and depicts saints as role models. Within the house system, students organize and execute service projects that demonstrate the love of Christ to our immediate and distant community.


Holy Family Cathedral School works to prepare our students both academically and spiritually. The teachings of the Catholic Church permeate the curriculum and every teacher is a teacher of the Gospel. It is expected that each teacher will model Christian values and advance the Catholic Social teachings.

As a community, we share our faith through daily religion class, prayer, and participation in weekly Mass. Our students work together to perform service projects and through those experiences, the students develop an understanding, of what we are called to do as active Catholic Christians.

With worship and service, our students grow in faith and love for God and neighbor. They are encouraged to apply their faith to the decisions they make on a daily basis. The families of the Holy Family Cathedral School community are called to model our Christian faith in their words and actions.

Holy Family Cathedral School strictly adheres to the Catholic philosophy of education. The school strives to promote the four-fold educational ministry of Christ and his church as follows: a) communicating of Christ’s message of love revealed in word and action, b) building Christian community, c) serving one another and d) worshiping God.

The school faculty and community strive to create an environment where students can discover and develop their God-given talents. Additionally, students are encouraged to use these gifts to serve God and others.

Students of every grade and age participated in a living Stations of the Cross. 

Students of every grade and age participated in a living Stations of the Cross. 

Members of the Advanced Band played at the 2018 Spring Arts Festival. Our middle school students participate in the only band program offered in a Diocesan school in Oklahoma. 

Members of the Advanced Band played at the 2018 Spring Arts Festival. Our middle school students participate in the only band program offered in a Diocesan school in Oklahoma. 

The Arts

As an Oklahoma A+ School, we believe that the arts are essential to the learning process, should be taught daily, and constantly included in the planning of all subjects. Through the arts, our students better understand and master abstract concepts, possess more innovative and “out of the box” thinking, and express an enthusiasm for learning. We deeply value the creative process with the understanding that our students’ creativity comes from God, our Creator, and presents an outlet for expression of their inner world, enhances cultural appreciation and awareness, leads to deeper understanding, improves academic achievement, and provides the means for every student to learn (adapted from Dee Dickerson’s “Why Are the Arts Important”).

Our students explore their God-given creativity through the visual arts, music, drama, and band.