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        Holy Family Cathedral School is thrilled at the prospect of welcoming your family to our joyful Catholic community!

        All applicants are warmly invited to meet personally with the Headmaster, Dr. Brown, as you discern whether Holy Family is the right fit for you. For a personal meeting and tour, please contact Dr. Brown directly at marcel.brown@myhfcs.org.

        After your first personal visit with the Headmaster, we will be ready and eager to take the next step towards enrollment!

        Steps to Enrollment

        Step 1: Submit an Application via email to Mrs. Spoerl at trish.spoerl@myhfcs.org
        Click here to download the application form, which is a fillable PDF. Please download it to your computer to type directly into the document and then email to Mrs. Spoerl.
        Here are some guides on filling a fillable PDF on Mac and on Windows.


        Step 2: Personal Meeting with the Headmaster, Dr. Brown (marcel.brown@myhfcs.org)


        Step 3: Meet with the Assistant Headmistress, Mrs. Spoerl, to discuss tuition assistance options.


        Step 4: Complete the Admission and Enrollment process

        Tuition Assistance

        In addition to offering a discount for parishioners of any Catholic parish in the diocese, Holy Family Cathedral School offers a variety of tuition assistance options, including generous support from the Friends of Catholic Education, Go for Catholic, the Gibbs Foundation, and St. Francis Tuition Assistance and Trust. Tuition assistance guidelines and eligibility can be viewed here.

        After the initial interview with the Headmaster, applicants are asked to meet with the Assistant Headmistress to discuss tuition assistance options and take the final steps to enrollment. Following these easy steps, virtually all admitted families receive some form of tuition assistance.