Community + Charity: Walking Hand in Hand to Raise Us Up

At Holy Family Cathedral School, we welcome students of all races and ethnicities, students across the spectrum of ability, and students from all socioeconomic backgrounds into our school community. Over 60% of our students receive tuition assistance from an aide granting organization such as Friends of Catholic Education, The St. Francis of Assisi Tuition Trust, or GO For Catholic Schools. Many of our families also benefit from a reduction in tuition because they have siblings enrolled in the school or because their parents work here. In addition, we created a reduced tuition scale for our immigrant population that would allow their children to benefit from a Catholic education without putting undue financial strain on families already trying to pay off significant costs associated with their immigration.

Overall, 87% of our students receive tuition assistance or reduced tuition, on top of one of the lowest and most affordable Catholic school tuitions in Tulsa.

We could not fulfill our mission to provide a quality, catholic education to all without our charitable partners.

Our mission is to serve any family who desires to provide a Catholic education to their children, and, in light of this mission, we have experienced a growth of diversity in our school over the past few years. This has lead us to hire more teachers, classroom aides, and paraprofessionals; to update our technology, classroom materials, and curriculum; extend more tuition assistance and reduced tuition to our families; and to provide more specialized professional development opportunities to our teachers. While we celebrate our growth, our funding wanes as we are faced with an increase in salaries and health insurance for our dedicated staff, updates and maintenance to our 100-year-old building, and an increase of reduced tuition offered to the families that we are called to serve.