Mike Petzet Scholarship Fund

This fund is in honor of our beloved 1st Grade teacher Mike Petzet who passed away ten years ago. Scholarships are awarded to children who demonstrate the attributes that Mr. Petzet worked to instill in his students. This year four students will be recognized for receiving the Mike Petzet Scholarship at our Annual Spaghetti dinner. Through the first two years of the event the Mike Petzet Scholarship Fund has raised over $13,000 towards providing scholarships for students.

Sponsor A Student

This year over 60% of Holy Family Cathedral School students recieved some sort of tuition assistance. If not for this financial assistance, many of our students would not be able to attend our school. Your donation to the "Support a Student Fund" goes directly to the families that need it most. Any family seeking tuition assistance must apply through "Facts - Grant and Aid Assessment" to ensure they qualify. The Holy Family "Support a Student Fund", along with the generous support of Friends of Catholic Education, the Hardesty Foundation, and the St. Francis of Assisi Fund have provided over $100,000 in assistance to deserving students for the upcoming school year!

Our graduates go on to great success at Bishop Kelly High School, Cascia Hall, and Booker T. Washington. A number of our most recent graduates have received the prestigious Robinson Brother Award to Cascia Hall. Others were accepted to the prestigious Brother Bernadine Scholars Program at Bishop Kelly High School.


Support the Fine Arts

As an Oklahoma A+ school, we are constantly looking to expand and grow our fine arts programming. To expand our arts program, we raise funds for art supplies, instruments, trips to museums, galleries, and studios, and professional development for our educators.

In addition to our fine arts program, we feature famous pieces of art in our Middle School Arts Gallery, established in the summer of 2010, which aims to expose our students to famous pieces of art. The gallery is already home to framed pieces from Picasso and Van Gogh. Due to the age of our students we ask that any planned donations be approved by the principal to ensure that all art is appropriate for our students.


Urban Family Garden Project

A few years ago, Holy Family planted its first Urban Garden using a variety of alternative planting configurations, including raised beds and wooly pockets. This project enhances our science curriculum, and provides the opportunity for hands-on-learning for students of all ages. Additionally, this project results in the beautification of our campus and playground. Soil, plants, and other gardening materials are an ongoing cost of this project.

Annual Cost: $300