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        Founded by St. Katharine Drexel under the patronage of the Holy Family more than a century ago, Holy Family Cathedral School partners with parents to deliver an exceptional education that is both Catholic and classical. Emphasizing the integral unity of truth, goodness, and beauty, our curriculum cultivates a deep understanding of the inter-connectedness of the seven liberal arts. Educating for virtue, we contemplate its perfection in our Lord Jesus and celebrate life-long life in Christ as the consummate expression of an authentically liberal education.

        At Holy Family Cathedral School we recognize that, given the complexities of our world, parents need all the help they can get in the momentous work of educating their children. Rarely in history has the task of education been more pressing or more perilous. What is at stake is not only the happiness of our children here on earth but also and especially their eternal happiness hereafter. This real and much-neglected tension has led our school community to adopt a curriculum which is thoroughly classical and strongly Catholic, an education for freedom in virtue and in holiness.

        As the ancient philosopher Aristotle has written, “A small mistake in the beginning leads to a great one in the end.” Misunderstandings of the human person are all too common and have devastating implications for education. As Ryan S. Topping has observed in The Case for Catholic Education, “Two generations ago the Catholic view of the human person was abandoned by many educators, and often unintentionally, in favor of alien anthropologies. This turn in theory has led to confusion in practice.” Topping goes on to observe that “many Catholic educators … have drunk deeply from the wells of secular philosophy.”

        Leaving aside the wells of secularism and seeking more pure and healthful waters, Holy Family Cathedral School eagerly makes the case for the fullness of the Catholic Tradition,

        especially its classical inheritance, as the water which alone can quench human nature’s parched thirst for truth, goodness, and beauty in the harsh landscape of modern education.

        As Catholic educators in the classical tradition, we seek to recover the fundamental principles which have made Western education great for millennia. Our way of educating begins with simple but uncommon affirmations: that every child is a “good” child; that all are made in God’s image, male and female; that truth is real and knowable and teachable; that each child by nature has a mind that happily knows truth, a will that happily chooses goodness, a heart that happily loves beauty; and that knowing, willing, and loving truth, goodness, and beauty from our very youth is one of the secrets to authentic and enduring freedom and joy.

        If it is true that a small mistake leads to a great one, as Aristotle observes, then it is also true that “a small success in the beginning leads to a great success in the end.” Commitment to classical Catholic education is that “small success” which, when its lessons are learned, leads to virtue and holiness in the end. We invite you to join us on our wondrous adventure and enroll today!