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Drop off + Pick up Procedures

  1. There will be no right turns or left turns into the parking lot and no left turns out of the lot. 
  2. Enter via the alley off 11th street and cross directly into the parking lot, as indicated by the red line on the map. 
  3. Pull all the way forward to the stop sign. If you have to unload a child from a car seat, or you are planning to walk your child into the building, please park.
  4. Be polite to the teachers serving as traffic directors and to one another. Your child's safety and the safety of all of our children depends on your adherence to these procedures. 

Immunizations and Physicals

Students whose immunizations are not up to date will not be allowed to attend school until proof of compliance has been provided. No student without an existing exemption issued by the State of Oklahoma may attend classes. Diocesan policy allows us to honor non-medical exemptions for students who were enrolled with such exemptions for the 2017-2018 school year. Going forward, we are only allowed to accept students with valid medical exemptions.

Students entering 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades are required to have a current physical on file with the schools. Physicals must be received prior to the first day of school.

Required Immunization Schedule | Physical Form

School Supplies

All necessary school supplies are provided by the school, with the exception of a backpack and lunchbox, and a three-ring binder required for middle school students. School planners will be available for purchase in the school office for $7.00.

Each student needs to bring one box of tissue and one roll of paper towels during their designated quarter to their 1st period teacher, as indicated below.

Last Name R-Z bring Tissues & Paper Towels the first week of school.
Last Name L-P bring Tissues & Paper Towels the first week of 2nd Qtr. (10-22-18)
Last Name D-K bring Tissues & Paper Towels the first week of 3rd Qtr. (1-07-19)
Last Name A-C bring Tissues & Paper Towels the first week of 4th Qtr. (3-18-19)

Pre-K and Kindergarten - Students are also asked to bring a container of baby wipes during their designated quarter.  

1st-3rd Grade - students are also asked to bring a box of either sandwich, quart, or gallon sizes baggies during their designated quarter. 

4th-8th Grade  - Students are also asked to bring a container of Lysol or Clorox wipes during their designated quarter. 

Spirit Wear

You can now order our 2018-2019 spirit shirt and the new SNL shirt online! Order online by September 9, and your spirit wear will be delivered to the school.

2018-2019 Holy Family Cathedral School Spirit Shirt

2018-2019 Holy Family Cathedral School Spirit Shirt

2018-2019 Saturday Night Life Shirt

2018-2019 Saturday Night Life Shirt

Please note that the house shirts featured on the ordering site are for students in 3rd through 8th grade that participate in the house system, and house shirts for 3rd grade, 6th grade, or new students should not be ordered until students are sorted into their houses within the first month of the school year.

Parent Volunteers

Through the year we will have many opportunities for you to earn Time & Talent by spending time with your student on field trips, helping with plays, cafeteria monitoring, and many other events. In order to be eligible to help out with these events, you need to complete your volunteer training and background check through Virtus.

Be sure to choose Holy Family Cathedral School (Tulsa) as your location, choose "volunteer." The cost for the background check is $22.64 per person and you may claim 2.5 hours of Time & Talent for the cost of the background check and the Time to complete the training.  

If it has been more than 5 years since you completed your Virtus "Protecting Gods Children® for Adults" training you will need to complete the "Virtus® Protecting God’s Children® Re-certification Training for Adults—5th Edition." Please log into your Virtus account and if you are not automatically asked to complete the re-certification training please contact the school office. 

If you have completed all of your training and background check within the past 5 years, please log in and double check that all of your contact information is still correct. Before you drive on a field trip you will need to make sure we have a copy of your current drivers license and insurance on file.  

If you are going to volunteer in the cafeteria or serve food at an event you will need to complete the FREE online volunteer's food handlers class.

Family Directory

Family information for contacting classmates or their parents is available through ParentsWeb with a parent or student login. Once you are logged in choose school information and then directory. You can then sort by class or grade or search for a person by name.

Medication Policy

Per school policy, all medications must be dispensed from the office. This means that students are not allowed to keep medicine in their backpacks, lunch boxes or lockers.

All prescription and non-prescription medications must be given to the school office along with a completed Authorization for Administration of Medication form.
The only exception to this rule is for inhalers and EpiPens, which may remain with the classroom teacher or in the office (or both). However, the Authorization for Administration of Medication form must still be filled out because it is very important that the teachers and office staff have a record of where these life-saving devices can be found in case of an emergency! 
Also, please notify the school if there are objections to using the following over-the-counter treatments available for your child in the office: Neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, and cough drops. If you wish for your child to receive anything outside of these, it must be provided by the parent in original packaging and clearly marked with the appropriate dosage instructions. We do not stock any other medicine (not even Tylenol or ibuprofen). 
Please contact Saleta Videll, at or 918-582-0422 with questions.