Partnership Opportunities

We believe in Tulsa, in the value of the individuals and businesses that currently make up the diverse and thriving city that we love, and that our students will be the future entrepreneurs, humanitarians, civic leaders, innovators, and peacemakers of Tulsa.

Partner with us to provide for tulsa’s future.

Below you will find an overview of the many ways that we are currently looking to partner with our community- in Tulsa and abroad. These opportunities include giving your time, providing educational experiences for our students, sponsoring a student, in-kind donations, enrolling in or recommending our school, sponsoring an event, or becoming a sustaining donor through one-time or monthly donation pledges.

If you would like to partner with us in a way that is not listed below, please contact us here.


Sponsor A Student

Due to our mission to provide a quality, Catholic education to all who desire it, we rely on generous donors to subsidize tuition so that we can continue to offer affordable tuition rates, scholarships, and reduced tuition to our families. Your donation will close the gap between what we charge our families and our operating costs, allowing us to continue to serve Tulsa and provide a quality education to traditionally underserved students.


Provide an event space

This year, we are met with a unique need of an event space for our many community events as our regular event space at the Holy Family Cathedral is undergoing repairs and renovations. These events include a monthly family dinner and student performance (estimated 150 attendees); our Christmas Program, Christmas Around the World, where our students present visual and performance pieces about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries (estimated 200+ attendees); and other student performances or community gatherings.


Provide an Educational Experience

We believe that there is an opportunity to learn everywhere we go. That’s why we love to partner with businesses and individuals of all types! In the past, we have partnered with the Garden Deva, Beck Design, Master Gardeners, Tulsa Glassblowing Studio, City Hall, and many others. We do not want to limit the opportunities for an educational experience and would love to start a conversation about how you can help connect our students to their math, science, cultural, art, history, business, and civic education in a tangible, real way.


Share Your Gifts

Share your gifts through in-kind donations, including but not limited to: food for an event, classroom supplies, building maintenance services, teacher appreciation gifts, art pieces for our school art gallery, contributions to our urban garden, prizes and awards for events (such as the Walk-A-Thon, end-of-year awards ceremony, house challenge prizes, etc.), event space (see above), and many more.


Share Your Time

Sharing your time with our school can include: substituting in a classroom, being a reading partner, consulting with administration on projects, volunteering around the school or at events, or sharing your knowledge and expertise with our students and families. We do not want to limit the ways that you can share your time and are open to any possible collaborations.


Portion of Proceeds

Host an event for a limited amount of time where a portion of your proceeds will be donated to Holy Family Cathedral School! This type of cause marketing can be adapted for retail, service, or food service businesses. We will promote your business and the event both before and after the event to encourage our families and friends to support you. This is a valuable option for businesses that would like to expand their customer base.


Support the Fine Arts

As an Oklahoma A+ school, we are constantly looking to expand and grow our fine arts programming.

Monetary donations will provide art supplies; instruments; trips to museums, galleries, and studios; artist visits through ahha’s Artist in Schools program; and professional development for our educators. In-kind donations may consist of art supplies, instruments, and/or famous or local pieces of art to add to our Art Gallery. Due to the age of our students, we ask that any planned art donations be approved by the principal to ensure that all art is appropriate for our students.


Support our Urban Garden

A few years ago, Holy Family planted its first Urban Garden using a variety of alternative planting configurations, including raised beds and wooly pockets. This project enhances our science curriculum, and provides the opportunity for hands-on-learning for students of all ages. Additionally, this project results in the beautification of our campus and playground. Soil, plants, and other gardening materials are an ongoing cost of this project. Contributions to this project can be made via monetary or in-kind donations.


Contribute to the Mike Petzet Scholarship Fund

This fund is in honor of our beloved 1st Grade teacher Mike Petzet who passed away over ten years ago. Scholarships are awarded to children who demonstrate the attributes that Mr. Petzet worked to instill in his students. This year four students will be recognized for receiving the Mike Petzet Scholarship at our Annual Spaghetti dinner. Through the first two years of the event the Mike Petzet Scholarship Fund has raised over $13,000 towards providing scholarships for students.


Sponsor Our Walk-A-Thon

Our annual fall fundraiser, the Walk-A-Thon, supports our Home & School Association, which provides furniture for classrooms, supports educational experiences, and sponsors free or low-cost family events for our whole school.

The deadline for sponsorship with recognition on the event t-shirt and banner is Friday, September 28, 2018.