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If you let us know, we’ll consider having you as our next guest blogger. In the general marketing specialty, we are continuously searching for exceptional writers to join our team.

Where Did You Hear About Us?

If you’re familiar with organic search engine optimization strategies, as we are, then you recognize the benefits of guest blogging on other relevant and high-authority domains. This is something we do ourselves. That is why we are here — to provide a stage for you to share your marketing ideas with the world.

What Kind Of Content We Want To See In A General Guest Post

We are constantly looking for pieces that are original, pertinent, and well-written; however, we ask that you not submit items that have previously been published elsewhere. It is recommended that your post be at least 500 words long, well proofread to ensure correct spelling and punctuation, and be able to pass a Copyscape check.

The finest blog postings will provide in-depth documentation, information on current trends, as well as actionable advice. Every single assertion needs to be supported by evidence in the form of credible statistics and/or case studies.

You are only granted permission to reprint your content somewhere else after it has been initially posted on our website and made available to the public. If you do choose to do so, you will be expected to acknowledge Holyfamilycathedralschool.org as the source and include a link back to the content that can be found on our website.

Our Editorial Team May Make A Few Tweaks To Any Content If Necessary.

You are free to insert any number of links that go to websites that provide relevant supporting authority. You are, however, only permitted to insert one (1) link inside the article content that leads back to either your website or the website of one of your clients. There will be a strict prohibition on the use of any affiliate links.

The featured picture of the post will be a related stock image that we give to you. You are required to offer high-quality photos and graphics that are at least 800 pixels wide everywhere they appear within the body of the article.

Guest Post Subjects That We Discuss

The majority of the postings that interest us here at HolyFamilyCathedralSchool.org are those that are relevant to marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. Our primary areas of expertise include producing articles for the following markets:

  • The Economies of Business, Finance, and Marketing
  • Innovations in Electronics and Social Media
  • Home Improvement
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Entertainment
  • Gardening Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • De vogue
  • Travel

As you can see, we are willing to consider articles covering a fairly wide variety of professional fields. If you are unsure as to whether or not your post is appropriate for our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and provide a summary.

Please make sure to follow all of the requirements and submit your articles using the form on our Contact Page as a Microsoft Word document or a link to a Google Doc.

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